Achieving your goals for 2017

The festive season is now well and truly over and this is the time of year that many of us make a deliberate effort to shed our Christmas kilos. While the turn of the new year is a fantastic reason to commence a training program, many people draw upon their new found motivation and go too hard too soon resulting in injury.

A large percentage of injuries we see in clinic are atraumatic, or not sustained at any one time due to impact or incident. Many injuries at this time of year can be put down to training error and overload. Unfortunately, these injuries are not usually addressed until they have progressed from that ‘niggle that I thought would go away’ to the ‘constant pain stopping me from exercising.’

Progressive overload is the principle behind any athlete or casual trainer’s success in improving their level of strength of fitness and avoiding injury. As we push our body to it’s limit on a consistent basis it adapts. Adaptation allows us to train at the same perceived intensity while progressively increasing the load that we expose our bodies to. This principle is relevant for both cardiorespiratory training and musculoskeletal strength.

Inadequate load can also be imposed on our joints if our movement patterns are poor due to weakness and tightness of soft tissue structures, or altered orientation and articulation of bones and joints. Observation and functional assessment by a physiotherapist are vital in identifying such deficits and addressing training errors before aches and pains set in.

Now is a great time to ensure you set yourself up to achieve your goals in 2017. Call Active Focus Physiotherapy on (02) 4626 6116 for a comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment and guidance in attaining a healthy body.